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Me & Beautiful People


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Me & Beautiful People
Jeff Buckley

Me and some people i know. . . . (I chose to make all pictures black and white so stop asking me)

Directly below this is Diego, he is a somewhat "naughty" little person. Um um um, he likes Weezer and has very nice hair if i do say so myself.


This is Robert. He's a funny little person too, and very accepting of everyone.And he likes making fun of people with crooked eyes. Ahem Ahem.


This is Mark, he's a very, um, strange, funny person. I guess. But he's really really nice. He likes baseball and boy-things.


This is Becca (Rebecca), she is so funny and so sweet its amazing . She likes those starshots pictures. This is one actually.


This is Tyler, he used to be a good friend, but now i dont know, but we'll see about next year. Um, he likes or at least he USED to like being really really funny.


This is Me, Rosa. I chose this picture rather than my regular school pictures because those are in focus, and therefore look completely awful.